Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Hi guys, Gabe here.. I wrote this checklist for our customers looking to remodel their kitchen or anyone out there that needs it.

Kitchen Remodeling can be tricky and because every home and every family has different needs it should entail a thorough process. These are some of the services included in a kitchen remodel but feel free to bookmark this Kitchen Remodeling Checklist to ensure a successful project.

  • Countertops
  • Backsplash
  • Cabinet Painting
  • Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts
  • Lowering Bar Tops
  • Appliance Installation
  • Wall Paint and Texture

Make sure to consider color pallets, materials, textures and much more but even once you’ve decided, there’s a lot of homework left.

I’ve broken down this kitchen remodeling checklist in separate mayor components because not everyone will upgrade the entire kitchen.

Use this checklist when choosing a contractor for your kitchen remodel needs and be sure to ask all questions to avoid expensive surprises.

General Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

  • Will the contractor demo my existing kitchen cabinets/countertops and/or backsplash?
  • How will construction debris be handled? Is the fee included?
  • Can I save money if I do my own demolition and trash removal?
  • Will the contractor install my kitchen appliances after competition of the project?
  • Am I changing light fixtures?
  • If changing the layout of the kitchen, do I need a drawing from the contractor to visualize the new layout?
  • Will the contractor park a truck or trailer with tools or dumpster in my driveway while construction is happening?
  • Will the contractor leave materials and tools in my garage? If so, how much space is needed?

Countertops Checklist

  • Which material is right for me and my family? _______________________________
  • What material thickness are we going with? Do we need plywood underneath the countertops and is it included on the bid?
  • What countertop edge will be used?
  • Will my countertops be sealed and ready to be used after competition of the project?
  • Will the contractor fix and patch drywall as needed where new countertops are installed?
  • Who will install my kitchen faucet, sink and p-trap plumbing? Save money if you have a friend or family member that can do the plumbing for you.
  • What color caulk will be used? Do I want it to match the new countertop material or the wall?
  • Consider the your existing shutoff valves: in older homes the older butterfly style shutoff valves tend to leak when shut off specially after sitting for years. Look under your sink and if you see those, it’s probably a good idea to replace them, check with your contractor or DIY it for under $15, this is what you’ll need.
  • Be sure to checkout our online estimate tool so you can at least have an idea of cost.

Backsplash Checklist

  • Which material and pattern am I choosing? ______________
  • Does the contractor have experience with the pattern I’ve chosen?
  • Will new drywall or hardy board be installed when removing old backsplash?
  • Will I change my receptacles, switches and cover plates?
  • When using tile, what size gaps do I want? Will the grout be pre-sealed or will the contractor seal the grout?

Cabinets Remodeling Checklist

  • Will I change the layout of my kitchen cabinets? If so, where will my appliances be located?
  • What type of doors am I choosing?
  • Which type of paint and color cabinets will I go with? Cabinet paint is a world on its own, you have your water based paints and primers, oil based paints that last longer and protect the wood better. Consider also spray painting vs. brush and roll – Spray paint is more invasive and the process is longer but the finish is much better. If you have kids and pets at home, it may be a better idea to consider brush and roll if you plan to be home for the entire project as spray paint can be not only uncomfortable but also harmful with all the fumes.
  • What type of knobs and pulls are you getting? If you’re not changing your doors and drawer fronts, make sure they’re the same size so you don’t have to drill new holes exposing the old holes or ensure your contractor will cover and cure the holes before painting.
  • How many different colors will you use? Ensure the contractor knows before hand because there are different types of bases for different color paints and different prep processes. For example, dark colors such as navy or black have to use a much darker base such as All Surface Enamel from Sherwin Williams.

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